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Highly recommended product: PDC core drill bits!

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With the widespread use of PDC core drill bits, various technologies applied to PDC core drill bits are also constantly developing. Among them, the PDC core drill bits gauge length is also constantly changing. Due to the limitation of the scope of application in the initial stage, the gauge length generally adopts the length of the standard design; but With the continuous expansion of the application range of PDC core drill bits in recent years, such as applications in directional wells, multilateral wells, horizontal wells, and anti-deflection, the gauge of the drill bit has also been adjusted accordingly. And today let's talk about PDC core drill bits.

Here is the content list:

  • PDC core drill bits'design philosophy. 

  • How to take the core of PDC core drill bits?

  • What are the advantages of PDC core drill bits compared to traditional ones?

PDC core drill bit's design philosophy.

During the drilling process, PDC core drill bits use low drilling pressure and high rotation speed to achieve higher drilling speed. This drilling parameter is not prone to good deviation. It can be used with screw drilling tools and turbodrills to drill directional wells. It can be used for near-balanced and super-balanced drilling. It can drill deep wells (high-temperature wells) and can work at less than 500oC. Because there are no moving parts, the risk of losing the cone is eliminated. It can be compatible with oil-based, water-based, heavy mud and foam drilling fluid, natural gas drilling and air drilling, etc., and can achieve higher footage and drilling speed. Although PDC core drill bits are more expensive, because of their high footage and fast mechanical drilling speed, they can achieve better overall economic benefits than roller cone bits.

How to take the core of PDC core drill bits?

The core drilling of PDC core drill bits is to drill only the circumference of the through the hole, and the core in the hole can be taken out after drilling. That is, the drill bit is a cylinder, the end of the cylinder is serrated with alloy steel, and there is a small twist drill in the center for positioning. Used to open relatively large round holes. The drilling rig has the characteristics of beautiful appearance, strong and durable, easy to start, reliable in operation, and easy to operate. It is equipped with artificial diamond thin-wall drill bits on the market, suitable for drilling concrete, cement, asphalt roads, rocks, and other materials, and can be equipped with an electric ignition Device.


(1)Install a hollow drill with a suitable diameter.

(2)Move the drilled hole to the required workplace, fix the drilled hole with expansion screws, and adjust the anchor screws to stabilize the drill. Or use a heavy enough base plate to fix the core drilling machine to prevent the machine from moving during drilling and core removal.

(3)Connect the water source and check if there is water flowing out.

(4)Start the generator and turn on the circuit switch.

(5)Rotate the handle to lightly touch the PDC core drill bits to the cutting site. When the drill bit cuts into about 10 mm, pressurize the handle to speed up the screwing speed.

(6)When the cutting is completed, you can keep rotating and lift the drill bit. When the distance from the surface of the test piece is about 5 mm, you can turn off the power, the drill bit leaves the surface of the test piece, and the water source is turned off.

(7)Remove the fixing bolts, drag the core away, and use clamps to take out the sample.

(8) When using, prevent PDC core drill bits from hitting hard objects to avoid damage to the drill bit.

What are the advantages of PDC core drill bits compared to traditional ones?

Compared with traditional roller cone bits, PDC core drill bits have the advantages of high ROP, wide adaptation to the formation, long service life, large safety factor, and less auxiliary time. When ordinary drill bits are drilled, the difference in drilling time between sand and mudstone becomes smaller, and complex drilling time combinations appear, which brings greater difficulties to the drilling time. In addition, the fine cuttings of ordinary drill bits affect the quality of cuttings logging to a certain extent, which in turn affects the quality of the entire integrated logging and the discovery of oil and gas layers.

In addition, the adaptability of different types of drill bits to the lithology of different formations varies greatly. If the type is not properly selected, it will not only fail to achieve the purpose of efficient and rapid drilling but will also seriously affect the quality of comprehensive logging. Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality PDC core drill bits all year round. We believe that our PDC core drill bits products will be your best choice.


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