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Introduction of PDC drill bit

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The drilling operation is essentially a cutting process, and the prerequisite to complete the cutting process is that the hardness of the tool material must be higher than the hardness of the material being processed. PDC drill bit is more common in our daily life, but what are the characteristics of the PDC drill bit and its functional improvement?


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●Features of PDC drill bit

●Functional improvement of PDC drill bit


Features of PDC drill bit

The PDC drill bit is the most widely used hole processing tool. It mainly consists of the working part of the drill and the shank. The working part has two spiral grooves, resembling a twist, hence the name. To reduce the friction between the guiding part and the whole wall when drilling, the PDC drill bit gradually decreases its diameter in the direction of the shank from the drill tip to the inverted cone shape. The spiral angle of the PDC drill bit mainly affects the size of the cutting edge, the strength of the flap, and the chip removal performance, which is usually 25-32°. The spiral groove can be processed by milling, grinding, hot rolling, or hot extrusion, etc. The front end of the drill is sharpened to form the cutting part. The top angle of the cutting part of a standard PDC drill bit is 118, the bevel angle of the horizontal edge is 40-60°, and the back angle is 8-20°. Due to structural reasons, the front angle is large at the outer edge and gradually decreases toward the middle, with a negative front angle (up to about -55°) at the transverse edge, which acts as an extrusion when drilling.

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Functional improvement of PDC drill bit

To improve the cutting performance of the PDC drill bit, the cutting part can be resharpened into various shapes (e.g. group drills) according to the nature of the material to be processed. There are two types of PDC drill bits: straight and tapered shanks. General PDC drill bits are made of high-speed steel. The PDC drill bits with welded carbide inserts or tooth crowns are suitable for machining cast iron, hardened steel, and non-metallic materials, etc. Integral carbide small PDC drill bits are used for machining instrumentation parts and printed circuit boards, etc.


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