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  • What problems may occur with the reamer?
    The twisted holes are machined to achieve precise dimensions and shapes. High-speed steel reamer is used for the reaming workpiece has been drilled (or widened hole) after the machining hole, mainly to improve the accuracy of the hole processing, reduce the roughness of its surface, is used for the
  • What are the precautions for using the reamer?
    Reamer is generally divided into hand reamer and machine reamer two kinds, hand reamer handle for the straight handle, the working part is longer, the guiding effect is better. Consisting of the working part, neck, and handle. The working part is divided into the cutting part and the calibration par
  • How to use the reamer safely?
    Reamer is used for reaming workpieces that have been drilled (or widened holes) after the machining hole, mainly to improve the accuracy of the hole, reduce the roughness of its surface, is used for the finishing of the hole and semi-finishing tools, machining margin is generally very small. Here's
  • Whether a tricone bit needs to be replaced
    The tricone drill bit is a kind of drill bit that is used widely in the drilling industry. With such high usage rates, how do you determine if and how to replace a tricone drill bit?Here is the content list:l How to determine if the bit is worn?l How to replace the bit after wear?How to determine if
  • Usage of the tricone bit
    Tricone drill bit is an important tool in oil drilling. The bit performance will affect drilling quality, efficiency, and cost effectively. So we should learn the correct use of tricone drill bit, not only for enterprises to save costs, but also greatly improve drilling efficiency.Here is the conten
  • The rolling process used to produce tricone bits
    The tricone drill bit is integrated, the whole bit has no moving parts, the structure is relatively simple, with high strength, high wear resistance, and impact resistance is one of the worlds in the 1980s three new drilling technology. It has the advantages of fast speed, more footage, long service
  • How to use the adjustable reamer correctly?
    Adjustable reamer means that the edge diameter of the reamer can be adjusted several times to expand the re-use of the reamer, thereby greatly reducing the loss of the reamer, reducing the processing cost. Here is the content list:●What are the commonly used reamer reaming methods? ●What are the p
  • What exactly are the common openers on the market? What's the use?
    There are many kinds of hole openers on the market, the material is also different, generally in the electric brick can be installed on the opener, so that not only more convenient to use, for copper and iron and stainless steel and other kinds of plate opening is also very convenient, we are most c
  • The installation of the tricone bit
    In industrial production, the tricone drill bit is widely used. At high speed, the tricone bit can accumulate the power to break up the hard rock, resulting in a significant increase in drilling speed. And tricone bits for a variety of rock formation topography structures are more suitable, in the o
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