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Usage of the tricone bit

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Tricone drill bit is an important tool in oil drilling. The bit performance will affect drilling quality, efficiency, and cost effectively. So we should learn the correct use of tricone drill bit, not only for enterprises to save costs, but also greatly improve drilling efficiency.

Here is the content list:

  • How to use tricone bit correctly?

  • Repair and maintenance of the tricone bit.

How to use tricone bit correctly?

Depending on the lithology of the formation being drilled, the selection of bit type follows the following principles:

1. Choose the tricone drill bit type properly. In the shallow well section, the rock cement is loose, the main consideration is the bit drilling rate and the prevention of balling; In the deep section, the footage of the drill bit is mainly considered because of the length of the trip. When the outer teeth of the drill bit are seriously worn, it is advisable to choose the bit with diameter retaining teeth. In the easily inclined section, the bit with a small slip and many short teeth should be selected. When selecting insert bit, wedge bit should be used. For diamond limestone, it is advisable to use the rotary tricone rock drill bit. When the formation shale is large or the drilling fluid density is large, it is advisable to choose the bit with a large slip. The strata are limestone and sandstone, so it is advisable to choose the bit with a small slip. For drilling hard and highly abrasive formations, pure rolling ball-tooth and double-cone tooth bits should be used.

2. Check the tricone bit before it runs into the well. Check whether the selected bit type and diameter meet the requirements; Carefully check whether the bit screw, weld, and teeth are intact; Check whether the nozzle is installed firmly and the water eye should be smooth; With the hand tricone bit, the bearing seal should be intact; The pressure compensation system of the bit should be intact and the pressure relief holes should not be blocked. Matters needing attention when drilling the bit. After cleaning the tricone bit screw, apply the special screw oil; Choose the appropriate loader, drill bit into the loader should not be thrust; The drilling operation should be smooth, and no hard pressure should be allowed when encountering resistance. Run the insert bit slowly to avoid damaging the alloy teeth in hard formations and hole irregularities. Well, depth, reaming situation and time should be recorded to judge the cause of resistance and control the working time.

Repair and maintenance of the tricone bit.

1. When drilling steel, ensure sufficient cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

2. Good drill pipe rigidity and rail clearance can improve the drilling accuracy and bit life

3. Please ensure the smoothness and clean between the magnetic base and the workpiece.

4. When drilling a thin plate, the workpiece should be strengthened. When drilling a large workpiece, please ensure that the workpiece is stable.

5. When drilling, there are a lot of fine powder materials, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc.

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