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Introduction of the tricone bit

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Speaking of tricone bits, a lot of people don't know what they are. Tricone bit and ordinary bit are similar, and tricone bit can also be called tricone drill bit which is widely used in our life a product, but, it is better in some aspects compared with the ordinary bit. To give you a better understanding of the tricone bit

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  • Features of the single tricone drill bit.

  • Application for tricone drill bit.

Features of the tricone drill bit.

A tricone drill bit’s performance will affect the drilling quality obviously, drilling efficiency and cost. Tricone drill bit design is based on practical experience mainly, with the trial-and-error method, repeatedly design and calculation, then the design accuracy is low, but the production process cycle is long, it is difficult to improve the design quality, and each calculation can only design one bit.

Tricone drill bit is one of the most widely used drilling bits, which has the characteristics of wide adaptability to the formation and high roP. Tricone drill bit is made of more than 20 different parts, like cutting, bearing structure, locking element, oil storage and so on.

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Application for tricone drill bit.

A drill bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling work. The drill bit adaptability to the rock property plays an important role in selecting the drilling technology, especially on the quality and speed of the drilling.

Under the action of weight on bit and rotary tricone rock drill bit, the teeth of the roller cone bit crush and eat into the rock, causing a certain amount of sliding to shear the rock. When the cone rolls at the bottom of the well, the teeth on the cone in turn impact and press into the formation. This action can crush a part of the rock at the bottom of the well. At the same time, the shear action brought by the sliding of the cone cuts off another part of the rock left between the teeth, so that the rock at the bottom of the well is broken and the well is extended.

Tci tricone bits are often used in oil drilling and geological drilling. The roller tricone bit has the function of impacting, crushing, and shearing the formation rock when rotating, so the roller cone bit has its adaptability to the different soft, medium, and hard formations.

Tricone drill bit is used in various industries such as machinery manufacturing, processing various metal materials drilling processing. And furniture manufacturing. There are percussion drills used in construction, such as the bottom hole of expansion screws. Another is the drill is generally used for good drillings, such as the installation of air conditioning, plumbing, and so on.

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