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How to choose the hole opener that suits your needs

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Regarding how to choose a hole opener that suits your needs, this requires us to consider the usage scenarios in real life. There is a big difference between a hole opener suitable for daily household use and one used in professional work, so we need to consider it clearly before buying the right hole opener.

Here is the content list:

  • Just disassemble the screws, no use of hole cutter drilling needs

  • Need to use a hole cutter to cut holes in wood and aluminum panels

  • The hole opener bit is an accessory that needs to be purchased separately

  • Choose the battery or wired


Just disassemble the screws, no use of hole cutter drilling needs

In family life in general, disassembly can be used screwdriver, the general family has a spare, if there are some thick screws, hand screwing than the hole opener drill is more laborious, the arm strength requirements are also very large, then this time you can consider using a hole opener, because the professional hole opener drill in these areas will be more convenient, at the same time, different hole opener drill can also be used for different scenarios two.

Need to use a hole cutter to cut holes in wood and aluminum panels

In daily life if you need to drill holes in wood, aluminum, this situation is also arranged a pistol opener on the use of the corresponding hole opener drill can do, but not only the hole opener drill, the use of lithium batteries also need strong power, the greater the voltage, the more power is also sufficient, the general choice of 12V lithium battery power, with a professional opener bit, can be achieved.

Need to use hole cutter for simple concrete opening and removal of screws

If you need to make holes in simple concrete, this time the ordinary pistol hole opener is certainly not, because the ordinary hole opener drill hardness is difficult to meet the demand, so you need to replace an impact opener to the role, mainly because the impact hole opener drill for simple drilling of concrete can be completed, is also more suitable, is the most suitable for use in the concrete opener.

Choose the battery or wired

In the selection of batteries for the opener, lithium batteries because of the very convenient charging, therefore, has certain advantages, but also to figure out the advantages and disadvantages. But in some of the power of the hole opener, not only need a special hole opener drill, very few can match the battery, mainly because the battery can not meet his power requirements, so you can only use the wire, such as impact hole opener and electric hole opener is.


When buying a hole opener, we should not only consider whether its drill bit is suitable but also consider the drilling of the hole opener and the battery when choosing lithium batteries or wired charging and many other aspects. TheHejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. hole opener has many different styles to choose from, so you can always find a suitable and cost-effective hole opener at Hejian Henderson Drill Bit Manufacturing Co., Ltd.


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