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What are the precautions for using the reamer?

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Reamer is generally divided into hand reamer and machine reamer two kinds, hand reamer handle for the straight handle, the working part is longer, the guiding effect is better. Consisting of the working part, neck, and handle. The working part is divided into the cutting part and the calibration part.

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●What is the geometric angle of the reamer?

●What are the precautions for reamers when grinding the edges?

What is the geometric angle of the reamer?

(1) Main angle: processing steel and other tough materials take, processing cast iron and other brittle materials generally take, 3 to 5 degrees, coarse reaming and hinged blind holes take, hand reaming knife takes 0.5 to 1.5 degrees.

(2) Front angle: reaming hole when the general margin is very small, chips are very thin, cutting chips and front face contact length is very short, so the impact of the front corner is not significant. To make it easy to manufacture, the average is generally 0 degrees. When processing tough materials, to reduce chip deformation, it is desirable to use the material from 5 to 10 degrees.

(3) Rear corner: reamer is a finishing tool, to make it re-grinding radial size does not change too much, the general reamer rear corner is taken from 6 to 8 degrees.

(4) Edge inclination: the edge inclination of a general reamer is 0 degrees. However, the edge inclination can make the cutting process smooth and improve the quality of the reaming hole. When reaming materials with greater toughness, the cutting part of the reamer can be ground out at a cutting angle of 15 to 20 degrees, which allows the chip to drain forward when reaming, without scratching the machined surface. When machining blind holes, a large pit can be opened at the front of this reamer with a bladed inclination to accommodate the chips.

What are the precautions for reamers when grinding the edges?

Before grinding the reamer blade, the center hole at both ends of the reamer should be cleaned, remove the rust in the center hole, coated with butter, and then the reamer top between the two needles, the axial force size of the thyme needle should be appropriate, the top is too tight, the reamer rotation is not flexible, the small diameter hinge is easy to produce bending; when the number of reamer teeth is small, it is advisable to use a large diameter grinding wheel, to avoid grinding adjacent teeth, the grinding wheel frame can be turned over 20 degrees to 30 degrees with an edge of the grinding wheel grinding the back face. When the cutting edge grinding front knife surface, if the grinding wheel first contacts the edge part, it means that the front angle is smaller than the original grinding, the grinding wheel should be horizontal into the knife; after grinding the back face of a knife tooth, observe whether the width and narrowness of the knife belt are consistent, if inconsistent, indicates a taper, and the workbench should be adjusted.

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