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The installation of the tricone bit

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In industrial production, the tricone drill bit is widely used. At high speed, the tricone bit can accumulate the power to break up the hard rock, resulting in a significant increase in drilling speed. And tricone bits for a variety of rock formation topography structures are more suitable, in the oil drilling industry or geological exploration industry. So How do we install a versatile tricone drill bit?


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The installation of the tricone bit

Precautions for installation

The installation of the tricone bit

Tricone bit USES is the design of high-pressure jet mouth way, the scientific design concept to ensure the tricone bit while drilling can effectively improve the efficiency of the cutting rock, and high-pressure water will help the broken rock and at the same time to achieve the effect of cooling, and the smaller sand discharge drilling at any time, improve work efficiency, and reduce the loss of equipment. More than one row of cutters made from high-strength alloy steel, fine stone, and other materials are mounted on the three cones to provide more bite force for the tricone bit. The tapered design also has a significant effect on the stability of the tricone bit. When we use and install the tricone bit, it is important to understand the performance of the product, to ensure that in the use of the above, will be very skilled. Now, through a simple introduction of this product and installation skills, I believe that the use of this product will be more skilled.

In the real using scenario, slowly lifting bit box body, four-leg will drill the box body corresponding to the four-hole is put in the rig rotary table, according to the specifications of the drill bit to choose corresponding bit box of core board, lifting bit box core board in a bit and then to be installed in the body of the drill bit and drill core board box of convex grooves corresponding, will drill into the drill box, the heart bit namely card on a rotary table. Then turn on the drill bit and the nut drill pipe in turn.

Precautions for installation

First of all, tricone drill bit as an oil drilling tool, to a certain extent above its product requirements are very high. When using, we must pay attention to the choice of location, because different locations may have different product effects when using, and it is essential to carry out the corresponding measurement before using.

On the other hand, the tricone drill bit can mainly improve the efficiency of drilling and reduce the cost of use. In this way, when we choose this product, we should pay attention to the cost performance of this product, to ensure that its real effect can be played. In the choice of precision above, mainly according to the different use of matters for the effective selection of the corresponding product. The same is true for rotary tricone rock drill bit and tci tricone bits in other scenarios

Nowadays, the degree of automatic production of a tricone drill bit is very high and gradually approaches the international unified standard. Our company Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. provides the production and development of tricone bits in other scenarios during the production of products. It is a suitable choice to select the high-quality products produced by our company.

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