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How to use the reamer safely?

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Reamer is used for reaming workpieces that have been drilled (or widened holes) after the machining hole, mainly to improve the accuracy of the hole, reduce the roughness of its surface, is used for the finishing of the hole and semi-finishing tools, machining margin is generally very small. Here's some introduction to reamers.

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●How do I use a reamer?

●What's the difference between a reamer and a car knife?

How do I use a reamer?

The reamer is divided into hand reamer and machine reamer according to the mode of use; By reamer shape, it is divided into cylindrical reamer and cone reamer (standard cone reamer is available in 1:50 taper pin reamer and Mohs cone reamer). The direction of the reamer's chip groove, with straight groove and spiral groove. Commonly used materials are high-speed steel, carbide paneling. Hand-reamed hole general note: 1. Workpieces to be clamped correctly. 2. During the reaming process, balance both hands with force. 3. When the reamer exits, it cannot be reversed, because the reamer has a rear corner, the reamer reverse transfer causes the chip to be stuffed behind the reamer knife teeth and between the hole wall, scratching the hole wall; at the same time, the reamer is easy to wear. 4. Reamer used, to wipe clean, coated with oil, boxed to avoid hitting the edge. When the machine is reamed, pay attention to the reaming speed and the amount of walking, and in the hinging, reasonable cooling lubrication must be used. An operation drilling machine is not allowed to wear gloves, and reaming holes to refuel, reamers are not allowed to reverse, can only turn.

What's the difference between a reamer and a car knife?

The reamer is divided into coarse reamer and fine reamer. The coarse reamer has fewer blades, a larger debris space, and a spiral chip slot on the cutting edge to prevent excessive chipping and blockage when coarsely articulated. The precision reamer has a large number of blades and a small edge to ensure the quality of the tapered hole. Common reamers are available in sizes of 1:50, 1:20, and 1:5. A knife is a tool mounted on lath for cutting metal. The welding of the car knife is on the tool rod made of ordinary steel, the corresponding incision of the carbide blade is machined with a milling knife, and brazed with copper solder and borax. A transposable structure is a hole in the center of the blade that bolts the blade to the notch of the toolbar, so that three or four cutting edges of the blade can be turned to use, unlike welding structures where only one cutting edge can be used. Car knife and score control car knife, outer round car knife, diamond car, alloy car knife, carbide car knife.

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