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Whether a tricone bit needs to be replaced

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The tricone drill bit is a kind of drill bit that is used widely in the drilling industry. With such high usage rates, how do you determine if and how to replace a tricone drill bit?

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  • How to determine if the bit is worn?

  • How to replace the bit after wear?

How to determine if the bit is worn?

1. The bottom lip of the bit becomes smooth, and the footage is slow, indicating that the carcass is strong.

2. The bottom of the carcass becomes inner and outer conical, indicating that the inner and outer diameter of the bit is not strong enough, or it has drilled into the broken rock.

3. The uneven wear of the bit and the phenomenon of partial wear indicate that the concentricity of the tricone bit and the drilling tool is poor, and the specifications of the nozzle and flume are not consistent.

4. The outside diameter of the bit is badly worn, even grinding into a cone, indicating that the bit has been scanning the hole or scanning the probe stone for a long time, or the outside diameter of the bit is not good.

5. The inner diameter of the bit is badly worn, even grinding into a bell shape, indicating that the core is swept for a long time, the core is blocked, or the inner diameter of the bit is not well strengthened.

6. The inner and outer diameters of the bit are severely worn at the same time, and even steps appear, indicating that there are metal debris and rock debris hard particles at the bottom of the hole, the distribution of diamond are uneven, and the reinforcement of the inner and outer diameters is not good.

7. Too fast wear of the drill head matrix and too much diamond exposure indicates that the matrix is too soft or too much dust and debris accumulated at the bottom of the hole.

8. There are grooves on the drill tip, indicating that the drilling bit is not well washed and cooled, the diamond is not evenly distributed, and there is hard debris in the hole.

How to replace the bit after wear

When drilling, the power of the drilling machine drives the rotary table, kelly, drill pipe, and drill bit to rotate, through the instrument on the ground of the drilling machine to observe the work of the downhole rotary tricone rock drill bit, after comprehensive judgment, if the tricone drill bit has been worn, it is necessary to stop drilling and replace the drill bit immediately. After drilling is stopped, the circulation of the drilling fluid is maintained for some time to adjust the performance of the drilling fluid and bring cuttings suspended in the drilling fluid to the surface, circulation to stabilize the new wellbore walls, and routine inspections of drilling equipment. Drilling workers use the crown on the derrick, traveling block, and hook, according to the height of the derrick according to column (generally consists of two or three drill pipe) from a borehole on all drilling tools, after pulling out the drill rod to discharge the post within the derrick, at the same time of downhole drilling string is put forward, with drilling pump for continuous perfusion of annular space, drilling fluid, the purpose is to keep the liquid level height not falling within the wellbore, The pressure in the wellbore can balance the formation pressure to prevent the collapse of the shaft wall or the fluid in the underground formation from entering the wellbore; At the same time, special attention should be paid to the possibility of sticking due to borehole shrinkage. 

The operator should strictly control the speed of lifting at the beginning or the depth of borehole shrinkage. Once all the drill pipe and drill collars in the wellbore have been pulled out, the drill bit to be replaced is pulled out at the same time, and the workers remove the old bit, install the new bit, and run down the hole in the original column sequence to resume drilling.

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