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How to use the adjustable reamer correctly?

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Adjustable reamer means that the edge diameter of the reamer can be adjusted several times to expand the re-use of the reamer, thereby greatly reducing the loss of the reamer, reducing the processing cost.  

Here is the content list:

●What are the commonly used reamer reaming methods?

●What are the precautions for using an adjustable reamer?

What are the commonly used reamer reaming methods?

1. Start the machine lubrication maintenance. Before reaming holes, wipe the drill bed oil clean, idle for a few minutes after the drilling machine starts, pause the power supply installation workpiece. 2. Install the workpiece and prepare the drill tool. Prepare the drill jacket, drill chuck, drill bits, such as drill 16 pins, mounting drill jacket, and 15.8 drill bit. The workpiece should be clamped correctly, and during the reaming process, the two hands should be balanced with force. When the reamer exits, it cannot be reversed, because the reamer has a rear corner, the reamer reverses transfer so that the chips are stuffed behind the reamer teeth and between the hole wall, scratching the hole wall; at the same time, the reamer is easy to wear, the reamer is used, to wipe clean, coated with oil, boxed to avoid hitting the edge.

What are the precautions for using an adjustable reamer?

1. Before use, check that the blade slides flexibly in the tool body groove, if it is not flexible, it needs to be cleaned to remove debris, and then reassemble. 2. The reaming amount of the reamer should not be adjusted too much. Generally can be in the range of 0.03mm-0.08mm or smaller, such as the reaming is too large, often resulting in the workpiece surface roughness value increased, or easy to break. 3. When reaming copper, brass, and other workpieces, should be widened standard blade of the white blade belt, generally widened to 0.3mm-0.5mm range, widening the blade belt method is to use cast iron sleeve grinding. With cast iron car a grinding sleeve, length of about 60MM, grinding sleeve inner hole than the actual outer diameter of the reamer to be studied about 0.2mm, the grinding sleeve on the reamer, and then the hinge clip on the laminate to make it the opposite, and the grinding sleeve along the reamer axis direction to move back and forth, has been making the hinge to develop the above-mentioned white edge, will not appear ripples on the surface of the hole. 4. For some reason, the blade can not slide properly in the knife body groove, the blade should be removed, with a small sickle to trim the obstacle part of the knife body groove. To achieve a reasonable fit between the blade and the tool body groove. 5. To reduce the surface roughness of the workpiece, oil can be added when hinging. Such as kerosene for reamed copper or aluminum parts, emulsified oil for reamed steel parts.


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