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Hole opener plays an important role in daily life

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Hole opener is we have seen in daily life, the highest frequency of use of power tools, large to construction sites, small to electrical repair, are required to use the hole opener, so now many ordinary families will prepare a small hole opener to stay at home, for this reason, people ready to buy a drill, but then, the online hole opener is too much, really can not pick over. Therefore, how to pick a suitable and quality hole opener is also a very important thing. 

Here is the content list:

  • How practical is the flashlight hole opener

  • The hole opening efficiency of the impact hole opener is very high

  • There are two modes of use for the impact hole opener


How practical is the flashlight hole opener

Hand electric hole opener is the most used in our life a hole opener, but his power is also relatively small, but the use of the widest range is true, many ordinary families can use him. For example, in life, drilling, tapping, screwing are used. Home needs to install wall-hanging shelves and so on, are required to use a flashlight opener, so the general family will spare a flashlight opener, has been needed from time to time. But at the same time, because of this ordinary hole opener power is relatively small, so the hole opener drilling degree is also relatively shallow, can function of the material is also relatively limited, the general wood, aluminum, red brick, plastic, can use the hole opener drilling, but for the concrete of such high hardness can only do nothing, but do not worry, the following will be introduced to the impact of drilling machine will be able to concrete Perforation.

The hole opening efficiency of the impact hole opener is very high

Impact opener from the top of the shape than the above pistol opener to see some of the larger when using the need to connect directly to the power supply work, so in the use of the must pay attention to the safety of electricity, mainly because the impact opener power is very large, even if equipped with lithium batteries, then the use of time will not be very long, so the general manufacturer's design impact opener are wired, so that both long working hours, but also can be able to work efficiently, do not have to worry about the problem of a sudden loss of power, this is the benefit of wired. The impact opener than the hand opener is a good place, the use of impact opener in the hole opener drilling time to produce impact so that the need to drill holes on the surface of the opener will have some impact on the role of the rapid discharge of waste so that the hole opener drilling speed can be accelerated, so the general impact hole opener drilling efficiency than the previously introduced hand opener is very much faster!

There are two modes of use for the impact hole opener

General impact hole opener can switch between impact mode and flat drill mode, impact mode is mainly used in not very hard concrete above the hole, this impact mode hole opener drilling is more efficient, and flat drill mode is the ordinary hole opener drilling mode, and the role of the hand opener is the same, convenient and fast in the wood or aluminum plate drilling above.





The advantage of having a spare electric hole opener or power tool at home is that it saves a lot of time, such as when the family needs to repair something, you do not have to go around looking for someone to borrow something to borrow tools, and sometimes do not know who to borrow is more appropriate, so it is necessary to have a spare hole opener at home. And Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. the hole opener, not only the price is appropriate, but also the quality is very secure, is our best choice.

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