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How much do you know about the reamer?

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How much do you know about reamers?

Drill reamer is a tool with high cutting efficiency, high machining accuracy, and low cost to integrate drill bits and reamers. Including the head and shank two parts, the head by the straight groove drill, reamer and crank local composite, reamer for the four-tooth straight groove structure, the shank for the straight handle, the entire tool construction as an integral tool.

Here is the content list:

●What is the structure of the drill reamer?

●What types of drill reamers can be divided into?


What is the structure of the drill reamer?

(1) Drilling part: Due to the high efficiency of the drill bit processing hole characteristics, the drilling part of the reamer is still using the structure of straight groove drilling, the cutting chips processed by the edge are discharged by the chip slot. Drilling local completion of the roughing process of the hole, the surface thickness of the processed hole is poor, the dimensional accuracy is not high, for the subsequent reaming operation to do a good job of preparation.

(2) Reaming hole part: the use of four-tooth double-edged outer chip reamer, each cutting edge is composed of a fine main cutting edge and a sub-cutting edge, the middle open cooling groove, for the processing step hole composite drill reamer small diameter part, can not open the cooling groove, can do 45 degrees of slope instead of cooling groove. When machining, the main cutting edge plays a cutting role, and the secondary cutting edge plays the role of light repair. The local machining of the reaming hole is followed by the drilling of the hole, the finishing of the hole is completed, to ensure the accuracy of the hole, that is, the size accuracy of the hole and surface roughness. The design dimensions of the drill reamer need to be determined according to the processing material and the detailed size of the hole. No reservation holes are required on the workpiece, drilling and reaming holes can be formed at once, to achieve the effect of fine reaming holes, especially suitable for aluminum reaming hole processing.

What types of drill reamers can be divided into?

A reamer is a rotary tool with one or more teeth to remove thin layers of metal from the surface of a machined hole, and a rotary finishing tool with a straight or spiral edge for widening or manholes. Because the reamer is a finishing tool, the size accuracy of the reamer is very high, the small loss of the reamer will affect the size tolerance of the workpiece, especially in the field of heavy use of reamers such as automotive engines, because the small loss of the edge of the reamer needs to be scrapped, so the consumption of the reamer is very large, to solve this contradiction, adjustable reamer application. The edge diameter of the adjustable reamer can be adjusted several times to expand the re-use of the reamer, thus greatly reducing the loss of the reamer and reducing the processing cost. Can be divided into modular adjustable knife ring reamer (knife ring replaceable), modular adjustable head reamer (head replaceable), integrated overall adjustable reamer (head can not be replaced), ordinary fixed non-adjustable reamer, and the overall alloy reamer.

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