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How to maximize the role of the reamer?

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Reamers are typically made of carbide or high-speed steel (HSS), and these multi-edged rotary cutting tools can be used in the metalworking industry to expand and trim holes to higher precision and precision. To ensure the quality of the project, the product must be completed to a high standard. We'll take you a little more.

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How to achieve the best use of the reamer? 

●How many diameter sizes do reamers generally have? 


How to achieve the best use of the reamer? 

To achieve the best use of the reamer, it must be "working". A common mistake is to leave too little cutting margin when preparing reaming holes. If there is insufficient cutting margin in the hole before reaming, the reamer will rub, quickly showing signs of wear and reducing the diameter. Equally important for performance is not to leave too much cutting margin in the hole. Choose the best reamer type for your application and the best hinging speed and feed. Make sure that the diameter of the pre-drilling is correct. The workpiece must remain highly rigid and the machine spindle must not spring. The chuck must be of high quality. If the reamer slips in the chuck and automatic feed are used, the reamer may break. Keep the tool at a minimum from the overhang of the machine spindle. To extend tool life and ensure that the cutting fluid reaches the cutting edge, use the recommended lubricant. Since hinging is not a strong cutting process, water-soluble oil diluted in a 40:1 ratio is usually satisfactory. Jet methods can be used for grey cast iron when drying. Do not block the reamer's chip slot from the chip. When re-grinding the reamer, check the concentricity between the centers. In most cases, only the cones need to be re-trimmed. Keep the reamer sharp. Frequent re-grinding ensures a good economy, but it is important to know that the reamer's oblique and tapered guides can only be re-grinded. Therefore, only these guides need to be re-grinded. Re-grinding accuracy is important for hole quality and tool life.

How many diameter sizes do reamers generally have? 

The maximum diameter of the reamer is 30mm, the smallest diameter is 2mm, the precision of the reamer is D4, H7, H8, H9, and other precision grades, the diameter is generally divided into 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5 and other sizes. The reamer structure consists mostly of the working part and the shank. The working part is mainly cutting and calibration functions, with an inverted taper in diameter at the calibration. The shank is used for clamping, with straight and tapered handles. Reamers can be divided into many kinds by different uses. The reamer is divided into hand-made reamer and machine reamer according to the method of use, and by reamer, the shape is divided into cylindrical reamer and conical reamer, the reamer's debris groove direction, with straight groove and spiral groove. Commonly used materials are high-speed steel, carbide paneling. Hand reamer is generally material as alloy tool steel (9SiCr), machine reamer material is high-speed steel (HSS), machine reamer is divided into straight-handle machine reamer and cone-handle machine reamer.

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