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How to remove the tricone bit from the drilling machine?

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Tricone drill bit is the most widely used bit in drilling machines. It has the characteristics of a wide bottom layer and high ROP. To protect the drill bit, it is necessary to remove the tricone drill bit after drilling, so how do we remove the drill bit after use?

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  • Why does not remove the bit after use damage the bit?

  • How to properly remove a drill bit?

Why does not remove the bit after use damage the bit?

The dynamic analysis of the tricone drill bit is the basis of studying the working behavior of the tricone drill bit. Only by understanding the response characteristics of a drill bit in the dynamic process of drilling, can we effectively predict the failure reasons of a drill bit in digging and drilling, to improve and improve the dynamic performance and service life of the drill bit. To improve dynamic performance is to improve the ability to predict vibration. Well-known machine vibrations of drilling machine and the staff to bring a variety of hazards, such as the structure of the strong and constant vibration will lead to fatigue damage caused by accident, strong vibration also can make the parts lose, leading to a threat to the reliability of the machine, the machine failure vibration will cause the machine work under dynamic load and the bit heavier load to reduce the service life, in addition, Vibration is the main source of noise, which causes great damage to the hearing of workers. Therefore, to improve our ability to predict vibration, we need to understand the dynamic performance of the drill bit, the main working part of the deep drilling machine, establish and improve the dynamic performance of the tricone drill bit and soil interaction system, and identify the dynamic characteristics of the rotary tricone rock drill bit movement.

How to properly remove a drill bit?

Determine the connection mode of the tricone drill bit chuck. Open the collet as wide as possible. If there are screws inside, remove the screws with a screwdriver, then remove the collet key and turn the collet counterclockwise. Turn the collet counterclockwise. If the collet is tight, you can hit the key with the mallet, or put the machine in reverse gear, hold the collet, gently press the trigger, and rotate a little.

Open the collet mouth to the maximum, if there is no screw inside, it means that the collet is installed on the motor by the taper, we use the following method to disassemble. Remove the tapered collet and install the collet and stretch the collet to its maximum size, retract the collet, and insert the long end of the collet key into the collet opening. Finally, secure the collet and hit the collet key, initially gently pushing until the collet becomes loose. A vise is best, of course, but a simple pair of claw claws will do the job well if you're equipped with a little more patience and care.

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