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How to use a tricone bit ?

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Tricone drill tricone bit is much cheaper than natural diamond tricone bits after the PDC drill tricone bit was successfully manufactured and used in the early 1970s, it has been developed rapidly. When we choose and buy mine tricone tricone bit, there are a lot of matters that need to be paid attention to, so we have to have the skills to choose our products.

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  • Steps to using a tricone tricone bit correctly

  • How to extend the life span of a tricone tricone bit?

Steps to using a tricone tricone bit correctly

1. When we work on the tricone drill tricone bit, especially in the process of discharge, we met don't drill tricone bit of gear, we want to ensure good clean the mud, because this is to be able to let the drill will not be blocked, to reduce the impact on the use of the tricone bit, and at the time of drilling, also need to control the speed of the, It's important to avoid any sudden resistance, to keep the overall tricone bit speed up, and to ensure that the pump is well hydrated. In construction, do not blindly pressurize. When there is a pause or slow time, it is necessary to stop and analyze, and then proceed with the operation. Only in this way can the stability of the tricone bit be guaranteed.

2. When installing and removing the tricone tricone bit, pay attention to protect the gear above it from damage. Secondly, the mud above it should be cleaned in time to ensure that the water eye is unobstructed, and then when it is used, the speed of drilling should be properly controlled according to the actual depth, geological characteristics such as rock composition and rock thickness, and do not blindly pressure drilling.

3. In the process of drilling will often encounter the case of bouncing, this should be time to adjust the relevant parameters to solve. It is made of relatively new materials in production and processing because it is mainly used in the oil field, so its quality will directly affect the whole drilling process. However, in the actual use of the drill tricone bit is often due to contact with different formations and rock damage, so in the process of use should be careful.

How to extend the life span of a tricone tricone bit?

Tricone drill bit is widely used in drilling and it is not a very good choice. It should be very clean and tidy before use. If there is anything left in the tricone tricone bit, the overall rate of operation will be greatly affected. Therefore, wash and clean it accordingly after each use to make sure it is clean. Only when it is maintained with the usual attention, and can it be operated correctly in the process of use, can it reduce the damage rate to a large extent, and then improve the working rate of the bit. Fastened bits avoid direct contact with all kinds of metal, and then checking the rotary tricone rock drill bit nozzle, nozzle blockage, can ensure the high-pressure water flow smoothly through, if no foreign body, nozzle and clean, can install the high-pressure spray nozzle, only under the condition of the nozzle can be normal use, can make sure you can prolong its life. tci tricone bits are much cheaper than natural diamond bits, but it is only suitable for soft to medium-hard formations.

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