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Principle and classification of PDC rock bit

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PDC rock bit is one of the important tools for oil drilling work, whether the bit is adapted to the nature of the rock and its quality plays a very important role in the selection of drilling process, PDC bit is a rock-breaking tool widely used in today's oil and gas exploration and development industry, it effectively improves the mechanical drilling tools and shortens the drilling cycle. The following will briefly introduce the principle of PDC rock bit and its classification.


Here is the content list:

●The working principle of the PDC rock drill

●Introduction of diamond drill bits

●Introduction to dental drill bits


The working principle of the PDC rock drill

PDC rock bit is the main component of drilling equipment, its main function is to break the rock and form the borehole. Rotary bits are commonly used in the coal industry nowadays. The rotary bits are driven by machinery to produce rotation, which drives the whole bit to produce centripetal motion, and cracks and breaks the rocks by encroaching and grinding to play the role of downward drilling. PDC rock bit is one of the main drilling equipment, according to the different working environments and regional environment, the specification and shape of the drill bit should be different. When drilling coal, the drill bit should be selected reasonably and scientifically according to the specific needs and specific design plan. In the specific drilling work, scientific selection of PDC rock bits and reasonable determination of drilling fluid can improve the efficiency and quality of coal drilling, so that coal drilling can better play its value and make certain contributions to the development of the coal industry.


Introduction of diamond drill bits

The drilling tool with a cutting edge made of diamond material is the diamond bit. The main advantage of the diamond bit is that it can adapt to the more abrasive and geologically hard strata and has excellent cutting performance. It has a very significant advantage in high-speed drilling.

Based on the difference of the adapted stratum, diamond bits can be divided into two categories: ordinary diamond bits and polycrystalline diamond composite bits. Among these two categories, ordinary diamond bits are suitable for high abrasive, hard, and complex geological strata; polycrystalline diamond composite bits can be widely used in hard, soft, and moderately hard strata, and their application range is very wide. The difference of blades is the main difference between these two kinds of diamond PDC bits.


Introduction to dental drill bits

Based on the structure of the tooth wheel PDC bit, it can be divided into five parts: water eye, bearing, palm, tooth wheel, and drill bit body. In the case of a sealed jet drill, the oil reservoir compensation system is also included in general. The threads are usually located in the upper part of the PDC bit, where the drill column is interconnected with the threads, and the lower part of the PDC bit has a toothed wheel with three palms, a toothed wheel on the tooth wheel shaft, and a bearing between the tooth wheel shaft and each toothed wheel. The passage of the drilling fluid is the water eye of the PDC bit. In the process of coal drilling, through the lateral shearing action and longitudinal vibration action in the drilling process, the tooth wheel bit will achieve the purpose of breaking the rock, to be able to enhance the drilling speed.


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