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Product introduction of the single roller cone bit

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As a kind of deformation of the single roller bit, the single roller cone bit inherits well the original structural features and product advantages of the single roller bit. The following is a detailed introduction to the single roller cone bit’s structure, advantages and application scenarios.

Here is the content list:

  • Structural features of the single roller cone bit

  • Product advantages of the single roller cone bit

  • Application scenarios for single roller cone bit

Structural features of the single roller cone bit.

The single roller cone bit has good comprehensive performance, and its features are mainly reflected in:

1. The single roller cone bit is equipped with two levels of diameter retention, the wheel, and the bit body, and the bit body is fitted with active cutting teeth and passive anti-wear teeth so that the bit has better diameter retention and inverted eye function.

2. The single roller cone bit's teeth are staggered, and the shape, number of tooth rows, number of teeth, and height of exposure of the teeth have been optimized.

3、The single roller cone bit's hydraulic system adopts the main and secondary water eye type structure, using two types of nozzles, jet and diffusion cleaning, optimizing the nozzle combination.

4、The single roller cone bit's drill bearing large and small shaft seal adopts advanced high saturated nitrile rubber ring, optimized seal compression, and special diameter retaining structure design to ensure high reliability of the bearing seal.

5、The single roller cone bit's tooth palm bearing surface is overlaid with a hard metal layer and the inner hole of the toothed wheel is inlaid with wear-reducing alloy, which improves the working capacity of the bearing.

6、The single roller cone bit adopts a steel ball locking teeth wheel, which can adapt to high speed.




Product advantages of the single roller cone bit.

The single roller cone bit is a kind of reduction bit, i.e. the speed of the toothed wheel is smaller than the speed of the bit, mainly to scrape and break the rock, and is suitable for drilling operations in small boreholes such as open-window lateral drilling of old wells and deepening of old wells at high speed and high drilling pressure. Its advantages are.

1. The application field of single roller cone bits is relatively wide, not only applicable to the construction of side-drilling wells, but also can be used in medium and deep wells.

2. The working torque of the single roller cone bit is lower than other bits under the same drilling pressure and stratigraphic conditions, which can reduce the problem of small-sized drilling tool expansion buckle and avoid downhole accidents.

3. The single roller cone bit has the advantages of other series of bits and makes up for their shortcomings respectively. The single roller cone bit is suitable for formations with high strength and plasticity at the same time, and can also be used for hard interbedded formations and other complex formations which are difficult to deal with.

4. The single roller cone bit can be used with downhole power tools to achieve high speed and special drilling requirements.

5. The single roller cone bit has a simple structure, large bearing space, safe and reliable use, and the bit size can be easily miniaturized.

Application scenarios for single roller cone bit.

Single roller cone bits are commonly used in oil drilling and geological drilling, where the applicable formations for single roller cone bits are as follows:

According to the formation drillability value and concerning the neighboring strata, single roller cone bits with more footage, higher speed, lower cost, and normal wear are selected. In deep-section formations (where the drillability level is greater than 5), single roller cone bits with more feet can be used. In easy-to-slope formations, single-roller cone bits with small offset, no diameter-preserving teeth, and many short teeth are used.

Single roller cone bits are also suitable for drilling piles in bedrock, water wells, and ventilation holes, and strong, medium, and slightly weathered rocks and pebbles, such as granite, gneiss, sandstone, tuff, shale, etc.

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