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The difference between tricone bit and diamond bit

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The tricone bit and the diamond bit are the two mainstream bits used in the drilling industry. Since the first roller cone bit was introduced in 1909, the roller cone bit has found the most widespread use in the world. The tricone bit is the most common bit used in rotary drilling operations. So let’s know more about the differences between these bits.

Here is the content list:

  • Differences in structural characteristics.

  • Differences in field use.

Differences in structural characteristics.

1. Structure of tricone bit: three teeth are assembled and welded together, and the upper part is connected with a screw. Cone: a tapered metal body consisting of a cone and teeth. There are two types of teeth: milling teeth and inserts. Bearing and its oil storage sealing device. Scraper blade, also known as blade, is the main working part of the rotary tricone rock drill bit.

2. Structure characteristics of diamond bit: the bit has no moving parts, mainly include the bit body, crown, hydraulic structure (also known as port including nozzle or nozzles, cistern, chip removal tank), gauge, a cutting edge (tooth) five parts, crown of diamond bit is bit cutting work part of the rock, it is surface (face) set with a diamond cutter material, It is equipped with a hydraulic structure, the side of which is a diameter retaining part (insert diameter retaining teeth), which is connected to the bit body and is made of tungsten carbide carcass or steel material. The bit body is made of steel, the upper part of which is connected to the drill string by a thread, and the lower part of which is connected to the crown carcass (the steel crown is integrated with the bit body).


Differences in-field use.

1.Tricone bit: When the roller cone bit is working at the bottom of the well, the whole bit rotates around the axis of the bit, which is called revolution, while the three roller cones roll on their axis at the bottom of the well, which is called rotation. The weight on the rotary tricone rock drill bit is applied to the rock by the teeth, causing the rock to break (crushing action). In the process of rolling, the cone contacts the bottom of the well alternately with single teeth and double teeth, and the position of the center of the cone is suddenly high and low, which causes the longitudinal vibration of the bit. This longitudinal vibration causes the drill string to constantly compress and stretch, and the lower drill string converts this periodic elastic deformation energy through the teeth into an impact force on the formation to break the rock. This impact and crushing action is the main way for the roller cone bit to break the rock.

2.Diamond bit: Diamond bits are suitable for drilling in hard, abrasive formations and turbine drilling, deep and ultra-deep Wells, and coring operations. Before using the diamond bit, the bottom of the well should be cleaned to ensure that there is no metal falling. When the bit first reaches the bottom of the well, run-in with low bit pressure and low RPM. Then drill with a relatively low bit weight (compared to a roller cone bit), high RPM, and large displacement. Eye reaming should be avoided whenever possible. If reaming is necessary, it should be done with low woB and low RPM uniformly to prevent fragmentation and excessive wear of the diamond in the bit gauge section.

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