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The diversity of the components of the hole opener makes the hole opener can be used on various occasions

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Hole opener, also known as the hole saw or hole saw, refers to a special circular saw of sawing type for processing circular holes in modern industry, which is simple and flexible to operate, safe, and widely used. The hole opener is mounted on an ordinary drill, it can easily cut round holes, triangular holes, straight lines, and curves on any surface such as flat and spherical surfaces of various plates such as copper.

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  • What are the parts of the hole opener?

  • What is a hole opener bit?


What are the parts of the hole opener?

1. Before waiting for the hole opener to work, you need to check whether the hole opener bit can be used properly, then use a hand drill to make a guide hole where you need to make a hole.

2. Then screw the piston puller into the screw hole of the piston-cylinder, then set the gasket ring into the piston puller and then into the concave die. Then put the piston rod into the guide hole of the workpiece, and finally screw it into the convex die to make the cutter of the convex die and the processing surface close together.

3. Close the oil return valve in the clockwise direction, then press the power handle repeatedly to make the piston pump start working, the oil pressure rises, the shearing force between the concave and convex dies increases, and the die cuts holes in the workpiece until it is cut through. After cutting through, you should immediately stop pressing the bullying handle.

4. Release the return valve in the counterclockwise direction to unload all the oil pressure. After the above 4 steps to complete a complete hole opener operation procedure, in which the hole opener bit plays a very important role

5. Unscrew the convex mold, clear the concave mold in the waste board, wipe clean mold, and finally check whether the hole opener bit needs to be replaced.

What is a hole opener bit?

A hole opener bit is a tool used to drill through or blind holes in solid materials and to ream existing holes. Commonly used hole opener bits are twist drills, flat drills, center drills, deep hole drills, and nesting drills. Although reamers and countersinks cannot drill holes in solid materials, it is customary to classify them as drills. The drilling structure consists of a tool holder having a tip with two cutting inserts (5, 5′) located in the main plane (C-C), said cutting inserts (5, 5′) having a short central cutting edge oriented in a common second plane (E-E). Said cutting edges form a point-like central cutting edge for entering the workpiece and thereby centering the hole opener bit. On the tool holder, two-chip removal slots (6, 6′) are provided.

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