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Use and precautions of PDC drill bit

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As we all know, the PDC drill bits are widely used in various fields, but do you know their specific uses and precautions? The following will reveal the answer for you.


Here is the content list:

●Use of PDC drill bit

●Precautions of PDC drill bit

Use of PDC drill bit

1. Drilling metal is generally black drill bit, the PDC drill bit material is generally high-speed steel, drilling on general metal materials (alloy steel, non-alloy steel, cast iron, cast steel, non-ferrous metals), with the use of metalworking PDC drill bit. However, be careful not to drill on metal materials at too high a speed, which can easily burn the drill's edge.

Now there is some gold color with rare hard metal film plated on the exterior, which is a material like steel and hardened by heat treatment. The tip is sharpened to an equal angle on both sides and has a slight backward tilt to form a sharp-edged cutting edge. PDC drill bit without heat treatment hardened steel, iron, aluminum, of which aluminum is easy to stick PDC drill bit, the PDC drill bit needs to be lubricated with soapy water.

2. in the concrete material and stone class material drilling, the use of impact drills, with masonry PDC drill bit, bit material is generally carbide. Ordinary households, not drilling in the concrete wall, use the ordinary 10mm size hand drill.

3. Drilling wood. Drilling on wood materials, with the use of woodworking drill bit, woodworking drill bit cutting volume is large, the tool hardness requirements are not high, the tool material is generally general high-speed steel. The drill tip center has a small pointed tip, both sides of the reciprocal angle are also relatively large, even to no angle. Used for good fixed position. You can also drill wood with a drill bit that drills metal. Because wood is easy to heat, brittle chips are not easy to come out, so you must slow down the speed and quit from time to time to clear the brittle chips.

4. Drilling on tiles and glass with higher hardness using tile PDC drill bit, tool material using tungsten-carbon alloy, because the tool hardness is higher, poor toughness, need to pay attention to low speed and no impact use.


6 3/4'' PDC Drill Bit


12 1/4'' 311.1mm PDC Bit


8 1/2'' 215.9mm PDC Bit

Precautions of PDC drill bit

PDC drill bit maintenance and maintenance and drilling note matters

1. After using the PDC drill bit, immediately check if there is any damage, blunting, or other bad situation, if there is any, immediately grind and repair.

2. When storing, the PDC drill bits should be numbered, so that it is convenient and time-saving to retrieve them in the future.

3. When drilling through holes, when the drill is about to be drilled through, the torque is the largest, so it is necessary to enter the tool gently and slowly to avoid the head being twisted off due to excessive force.

4. drilling must be played before the center point of its purpose to accommodate static, point wet free PDC drill bit static point touching the bottom, can guide the drill bit in the correct drilling position.

5. drilling, should fully use the cutting Qi and pay attention to the row.

6. drilling cross-cross and hole, should first drill large diameter holes, and then drill small hole diameter.

7. drilling, broken or sudden stop phenomenon, maybe too fast into the knife, sharp or drilling acute hot and cold reasons.

8. drilling so that the center of the drill cracked, maybe too small between the drill barrier angle, into the tool too fast drill dull, high pressure, lack of cooling Qi, head or workpiece clamping is poorly caused.

9. drilling just when the drill bit is broken, maybe too small between the drill angle or drilling speed is too high, into the tool or the drill bit has been dull and continue to pressure cutting and other causes.

10. Cutting edge rupture when drilling, maybe the workpiece material has a hard point sand eyes or into the knife too fast, drilling speed is not properly selected, when not add cutting agent caused by.

11. Drilling and cutting edge broken, maybe too fast into the knife or drilling angle is too small and other reasons.

12. Drilling out of the hole diameter is too large, maybe two cutting edges is not, equal length or two drills top half-angle is not equal static point bias, spindle concentricity and other reasons caused by poor.

13. Only one cut is discharged when drilling, probably because the two cutting edges are not equal in length or the half-angle of the top of the PDC drill bit is not equal.


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