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Why is the PDC drill bit so good?

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PDC drill bit is very specific to the formation. In directional construction, as the strength of the formation increases, the tool face changes greatly. The PDC drill bit mechanical drilling speed is significantly higher than that of the roller cone bit, and it can be achieved with a smaller WOB. The drilling speed of the roller cone bit under the large drilling pressure, and the pump pressure lower than that of the roller cone bit, can achieve a higher drilling speed at a higher speed, the load of the machine pump equipment is small, and the cost of the drill bit is also significantly reduced. And today let's talk about the PDC drill bit.

Here is the content list:

  • Structural characteristics of PDC drill bit. 

  • What is the difference between drill materials?

  • How to use PDC drill bit?

Structural characteristics of PDC drill bit.

PDC drill bit is composed of drill body, PDC drill bit cutting teeth, and nozzles. According to the difference of structure and manufacturing process, the PDC drill bit is divided into two series: steel body and carcass. The entire drill body of the rigid PDC drill bit is made of medium carbon steel and processed by mechanical manufacturing technology. Drill holes on the working surface of the drill bit, and fasten the PDC drill bit cutting teeth on the crown of the drill bit in a press-fitting manner. The crown of the drill bit is treated with a surface hardening process (spraying tungsten carbide wear-resistant layer, carburizing, etc.) to enhance its erosion resistance. The main advantage of this kind of drill bit is the simple manufacturing process.

The upper part of the drill body of the matrix PDC drill bit is a steel body, and the lower part is a tungsten carbide wear-resistant alloy matrix, which is manufactured by the powder metallurgy sintering process. Use low-temperature solder to weld the PDC drill bit cutting teeth to the reserved pockets of the carcass. Tungsten carbide carcass has high hardness and erosion resistance, so the carcass PDC drill bit has a long life and high footage. It is currently widely used.

What is the difference between drill materials?

The main body of the carcass  PDC drill bit (blade, crown) mainly uses cast carbon. Tungsten is sintered, and then the composite sheet is welded to the main body. The carcass has the characteristics of erosion resistance and wears resistance.

The main body of the steel body PDC drill bit is made of alloy steel, which is processed by a CNC milling machine. And then the drill bit surface hardening and wear-resistant treatment, with low cost. The repairable feature is suitable for the production of complex shapes and large-size drill bits.

How to use the PDC drill bit?

PDC drill bit works best in a large section of homogeneous soft to medium-hard formations. Not suitable for drilling gravel and soft and hard interlaced formations

(1)It adopts low drilling pressure, high rotation speed, large displacement drilling, and the use effect of the drill bit is good.

(2)Before the drill bit goes down the well, the bottom of the well should be cleaned to ensure that there is no metal falling.

(3)When the drill bit just goes down the well, it needs to use a small weight-on-bit and a low-speed to run, and resume normal drilling after the bottom of the well is formed.

(4)PDC drill bit is a monolithic drill bit, without any moving parts, suitable for high-speed turbine drilling.

The quality of common PDC drill bits on the market varies from good to bad, and blind purchase is likely to seriously affect the construction process. Hejian Hengji Bit Manufacture Co., Ltd. is committed to providing high-quality PDC drill bit all year round, with a complete assembly line and strict quality inspection department. We believe that our PDC drill bit products will be your best choice.





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