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Classification of tricone drill bit

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There are many kinds of tricone drill bits on the market and the material is also different. In the oil, exploration, and various drilling industry inserts the tricone bit is an indispensable and important part. So let’s know more about the classification of tricone drill bit and the advantages of tricone bit.

Here is the content list:

  • The different kinds of tricone bit.

  • Advantages of tricone bit.

The different kinds of tricone bit.

1. Insert tricone bit according to the type of tooth can be divided into milling teeth (steel teeth) insert tricone bit, insert (insert on the hard amount of gold teeth) insert tricone bit; According to the number of a cone, it can be divided into a single cone, two cones, tricone and tricone bit with multiple inserts.

2. Insert tricone bit in oil drilling and geological drilling applications; Most of them are tri-cone bits with inserts. With the ability to impact, crush, and shear the formation rock as it rotates, the inserted tricone bit can be adapted to a variety of soft, medium, and hard formations.

3. Insert tricone bit is one of the drilling bits widely used. It has the characteristics of adapting to a wide range of strata and high roP. A three-cone bit with three inserts is composed of more than 20 parts, such as cutting structure, bearing structure, locking element, oil storage and sealing device, nozzle device, etc.

Advantages of tricone drilling bit

In the oil exploration, and various drilling industry inserts the tricone bit is an indispensable and important part. But inserts on tricone bits are expensive for some drilling industries. This has led some in the drilling industry to have a lot of interest in used insert tricone bits. Inserted tricone bits provide a significant cost reduction for the drilling industry, so used inserted tricone bits become an important part of some drilling industries. Energy-saving and consumption have always been an important part of the design and development of many businesses. Especially after the emergence of jet-insert tricone bit and rotary tricone rock drill bit, the drilling speed of insert tricone bit is greatly improved, which is a major revolution in the history of insert tricone bit. Insert tricone bit low prices, quality and reliability, are oil, investigation and various drilling check industry insert tricone bit is indispensable, but insert tricone bit too expensive for some drilling industry, the check has prompted some drilling industry to tci tricone bits, it’s low cost, good quality, for the drilling industry to reduce costs, As a result, tricone bits with two legs and inserts have played an important role in some drilling industries.

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